Team Members

A Team Member is any person who is included in a Schedule.


Check the “Email Notifications” to have the Team Member notified by email when a schedule is published.

Edit > Team Members



Stations represent a place or activity to which a team member is assigned.

Locations such as “Kitchen” or “Bar” may be considered a “Station”. Equally a Station may be an area of responsibility such as “Busser”, “Line Chef”.

Choose a color for Stations to improve visibility on your schedules.

The Sequence field lets you control the order in which the Stations appear on the Schedule.

Edit > Stations

Edit > Stations


Site Defaults

Set the default Opening and Closing Times. These values will be used as the default time span when Schedules are displayed. Shifts can be scheduled outside these times, but you will need to expand the timeline to see them.

The “Team Member Access Code” is used by Team Members to view their Schedules online. Team Members have to enter their email and the “Team Member Access Code” to authenticate online.

Edit > Site

Edit > Site

Creating and Updating Schedules

Use the “Prev week” and “Next week” buttons to scroll between from week to week. Then select the day of the week to view the Shifts for that day.

The span of time shown in the schedule window will default based on the Site settings. Use the time span slider to extend/reduce the time span displayed.

Process > Update Schedules

Process > Update Schedules

Use your mouse to drag and drop in the schedule window to create a new Shift. A dialog box will appear in which you can edit the details of the Shift.

To edit an existing Shift, hover over the Shift. A small edit icon will appear. Click the icon to open the “edit shift” dialog box.

Publishing Schedules

Schedules available to be published are either: in “Draft” status; or previously published schedules with changed Shifts.

Publishing Schedules

Process > Publish Schedules

The Publishing process sends emails notfications to Team Members (if they have the “Email Notfications” option selected) and makes the Schedule available to Team Members online.

Team Member Emails

Team Member emails include the details of the Team Member’s Schedules for the week and a link to view the Schedule online.

Team Member Schedules Online

Team Member authenticate using their email address and the “Team Member Access Code” specified for the Site.

Team Members are able to view their Schedules and download to PDF.

Team Member Schedule