Uploading Sales Data


Sales Sets can be uploaded/imported from a Point of Sale system (POS) using the “Process > Upload Sales Data” page.

This document describes the process of uploading sales data.

File Format

The Sales Upload function accepts a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file in the following format:

Header Row Description Rules
POS ID The value used to identify the Menu Item in the POS (Point of Sale) system.
  • Mandatory
  • Alpha & Numeric characters
  • Case sensitive
  • Maximum 20 characters
  • Leading zeros must be included, where applicable
Qty The number of items sold.
  • Mandatory
  • Positive numeric values only
Price The price at which the items were sold.
  • Optional. The price recorded in Write-a-Recipe will be used where no price is quoted or zero value is provided.
  • Positive numeric values only
  • 2 decimal places

The following table shows an example of valid upload data:

POS ID Qty Price
abc123 15 14.95
def234 8 16.20
Bcd254 24 11.95
abc123 5 12.00
fgh987 10


  • Duplicate rows for the same POS ID are allowed
  • The default Sell Price for the Menu Item will be used if no Price is provided in the upload file.

POS ID Attribute

To enable to sales data to be uploaded, the POS ID/code associated with the Menu Item must be recorded.

This is done using the “POS ID” Attribute, as follows:

  1. Select “Edit > Recipe” menu item
  2. Click the “Attributes” tab
  3. Enter “POS ID” into the “Attribute” field
  4. Enter the ID/code from the POS system into the “Value” field

Uploading Data

To upload the file:

  1. Select the “Period” with which the data is associated.
  2. Select the “Menu” with which the data is associated.
  3. Select the file to be uploaded.
  4. Click the “Import” button.

After the file is uploaded, a summary will be displayed, with details of any errors that occur.

Viewing Upload Results

Click on the “Process > Enter Sales Set” menu item to view the results of the upload.

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