Taking Stock by Storeroom/Location

By default, the Count-n-Control “View > Count Sheets” and “Process > Enter Stock Count” pages group stock items by Category, and order them alphabetically.

However, it may be useful to conduct stock takes/inventory counts on a storeroom/location basis. To facilitate this Count-n-Control has a “Count Stock by Storeroom/Location” feature.

To enable this feature:

  • Log into Run-a-Restaurant.
  • Click on the “Sites” menu.
  • Select the “Options” tab.
  • Check the “Count Stock by Storeroom/Location” checkbox. Note: this checkbox is only enabled if no count values exist in the current/open period.
  • Click the “Save” button.

Turn on "Count by storeroom/location"

  • Log into Count-n-Control.
  • Select the “Edit > Stock” menu item.
  • Add the “Store” Attribute to each Stock Item. If a Stock Item is stored in multiple locations, the Attribute can be added multiple times with different values. It is important to ensure values are entered consistently to ensure grouping works as expected.

Add the "Store" Attribute to Stock Items

  • The “View > Count Sheets” Page will now group Stock Items by storeroom/location.

View > Count Sheets

  • The “Process > Enter Stock Count” Page will also group Stock Items by storeroom/location (i.e. in the same order/sequence).

Process > Enter Stock Counts

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