Create a Stock Item, Usage History Report

The Run-a-Restaurant Query Tool generates custom queries and reports.  In this post we go through the ach period.

The Query Tool can be found in the main menu of Run-a-Restaurant.

Start by creating a new report and adding the following columns:

  • stock_items > title
  • periods > end_date
  • stock_items > count_qty
  • units_count > symbol
  • close_counts > close_count
Query Tool, Add Columns

Add a “Query Condition”, select the “stock_items > title” field and enter the name of the Stock Item.

Query Tool, Add Conditions

Note: if you have multiple Sites you should add a condition to specify the Site.

To run the report, click on the “Update Result” button.

Query Tool, Update Results

When you’re happy with your report, enter a title and description and click the “Save” button.

Query Tool, Save Query

Easily turn your report into a useful chart by clicking the “Export to Excel” button and creating your chart in Excel.

Query Tool, Create Chart

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