Write-a-Recipe, menus

The Write-a-Recipe service allows you to group Recipes into Menus for reporting and analysis. To edit or create a menu, go to the Edit menu and select Menus.

To create a new menu, click the New button, enter a description for the menu, and then click Save. You can now begin adding recipes to the menu. The description box is a lookup field so you can simply start typing the name of the recipe and a lookup list will appear. If the lookup list doesn’t appear immediately, you may need to pause for a moment until it does.

Once you’ve selected a recipe, the category and price will automatically be filled in for you. However, you also have the option to manually update the Sell Price without returning to the recipe section of the site.

In order for Write-a-Recipe to provide accurate menu analysis, you must enter your sales for each period. To do this, go to the Process menu and click Enter Sales Set. Each Sales Set is associated with a period and a menu, so enter that information as well as a description for your data and then click save.

The Write-a-Recipe service will automatically enter all of the recipes that are associated with the chosen menu, but you also have the option to enter custom data if you used non-standard recipes, or sold menu items at a variety of different prices.

Recipes will be defaulted from the selected Menu when a new Sales Set is created. However, it is possible to add Recipes if non-standard Recipes were sold, or if existing Menu Items are sold at a variety of prices.

Once you’ve entered all of the applicable details into your Sales Set, you will be able to generate a range of analytical reporting, including:

  • a Menu Summary which shows an overview of the results for each Menu Item in the selected period.
  • and a Menu Engineering Matrix, which categorizes each Menu Item based on popularity and profitability, using industry standard Menu Engineering methodology.

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