Write-a-Recipe, creating recipes

Documenting your recipes in Write-a-Recipe allows you to calculate the cost of each recipe and enables analysis in the context of a menu.

Get started by going to the Edit menu and click on Recipes. From here you can either click on a recipe on the left to edit it or click on the New button to create a new recipe. When creating a new recipe, enter the recipe’s basic information and then click Save. You can now begin to enter the ingredients for the recipe. The description box is a lookup field so you can simply start typing the name of the ingredient and a lookup list will appear. If the lookup list doesn’t appear immediately, you may need to pause for a moment until it does.

After selecting an existing Ingredient, the system will automatically fill in the Usage Unit for that ingredient. Fill in the quantity needed and click Add to finish the process. If the ingredient does not yet exist, a dialog will appear, allowing you to setup the new item.

After entering all of your ingredients, click on the Method sub-tab to enter a description of the recipe’s preparation process.

The final sub-tab is titled Image. By clicking here you can upload a picture of the recipe by clicking on Choose File, browsing to the picture, and then clicking the Upload Image button.

To upload a photo of the recipe, click on the Image tab, select the “Choose File”. Select the image file from the dialog that appears, then click the “Upload” button.

All three of the sub-tabs contain a print button which will provide you with the recipe in a format that is suitable for printing.

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