Count-n-Control Operating Cycles

Count-n-Control “Periods” represent your business’ operating cycles. These may be weekly, monthly or any other frequency.

Periods start with a Status of “New”, then transition to “Open” after they are initialized and then “Finalized” after they are completed and you roll forward to the next operating period.

The Closing Stock value from the previous Period becomes the Open Stock value for the next Period.

Sales and transactions, such as purchases and transfers, are always associated with a specific Period.

To determine how much stock was used in a selected period, you can go to the View menu and select either Usage Quantity or Usage Value.

To get a summary of the results of an selected period, go to the Count-n-Control home page. Here you will see summary results as well as calculations of Cost of Goods and Gross Profit.

The home page also contains a chart which can display information on Sales, Gross profit, or gross profit percentage.

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