Count-n-Control, Purchases

To record the details of purchases in Count-n-Control, start by going to the Process menu and select the Record Transactions option.

Next, click the “New Transaction” button, enter the details of the invoice, and click Save.

You can now look up Stock Items by entering either the Supplier Code or the Stock Item Description. As you begin typing, a lookup list will appear based on what you’ve entered so far. Once you see your item, simply click on it’s name to add it. It may be necessary to wait briefly if the lookup list does not appear immediately.

Once you’ve selected a stock item, the system will automatically enter the appropriate purchase unit.

If the Stock Item does not yet exist, a dialog will appear, allowing you to setup the new Stock Item in the system.

After you’ve entered the quantity purchased and the cost of each unit, click the add button. If the cost varies more than 5% from the last purchase a warning message will appear giving you the option to cancel.

The “Record Transactions” Page can also be used to record Credits, Transfers and Adjustments.

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