Count-n-Control, Counting Stock/Stock Taking

Updating your stock inventory is easy with Count-n-Control. Start by printing a Stock Count sheet. This can be done by going to the View menu and selecting the Count Sheets option.

Next, record the quantity of each stock items in your store rooms and prep areas on the Count Sheets.

When you return to your computer, go to the Process menu and select Enter Stock Count. Enter the quantity of each Stock Item as recorded on the Count Sheets.

The data entry process can be sped up easily by using the TAB key to move from one stock item to the next.

As you’re entering your values, the Enter Stock Count page will automatically save your input giving you peace-of-mind that you won’t lose any data.

It’s also important to note that the closing stock value of a period will become the opening stock value for the next period after the current period is finalized and rolled forward.

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