Count-n-Control, Stock Item Administration

To edit or add stock items in the Count-n-Control service, go to Edit, and then Stock. From here you can select an existing Stock Item from the list on the left of the Page, or you can click “New” to create a brand new Stock Item.

Each Stock Item is associated with a “Category”. Categories are used to group similar Stock Items on Count Sheets and data entry pages. Typically, Stock Items are grouped by location, such as dry storage, cool room or freezer, or by type, such as fresh produce, meat or seafood.

When adding a new stock item it is important to specify the units of measurement that are associated with that Stock Item. Stock Items can be measured in 3 different ways: Purchase Units, Count Units & Usage Units.

For example a 5 kilogram bag of flour may be purchased by the bag, counted by the kilogram and used by the gram in recipes.

When entering prices for Stock Items it’s important to note that the those prices will automatically be updated whenever you enter details of a purchase you make.

All of the Stock Items that you enter will be available as Ingredients for Recipes within the Write-a-Recipe module.

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