Run-a-Restaurant Dashboard

The Run-a-Restaurant Management Dashboard summarizes information from each of the Run-a-Restaurant modules, allowing you to monitor your businesses with one simple interface.

To open a new widget, select the widget from the “Add a Widget” drop down list, then click “Add”.

Widgets include:

  • “Getting Started…” tutorials, which provide valuable information for those that are just starting out with Run-a-Restaurant modules.
  • The Count-n-Control Profit and Loss Statement provides a summary of a Site’s financial performance.
  • Count-n-Control Charts is a widget which tracks a Site’s key performance indicators.
  • And the Write-a-Recipe Menu Engineering Matrix shows a graphical representation of Menu performance.

The new widget you select will be added to the bottom of the Management Dashboard.

Widgets can be reordered and moved around the Dashboard by simply dragging them to the new location. Also, you can use the icons on the right of the Widget title bar to minimize, maximize and close the widget.

Run-a-Restaurant services can be access from Run-a-Restaurant, or directly from their domain. For example, you can access Write-a-Recipe from the Run-a-Restaurant menu after login in, or go directly to

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